Green goes greener: Hira Walraven signs solar contract with Yellow Door Energy

Published on July 27, 2020

Yellow Door Energy, a UAE-based sustainable energy provider for businesses, has been awarded a solar contract with Hira Walraven AC LLC (“Hira Walraven”), a Dutch and UAE joint venture for construction material and piping systems, for its facility in National Industries Park in Dubai, UAE.

The 524 kilowatt-peak rooftop solar plant is expected to generate more than 850,000
kilowatt-hours of clean energy in its first year of operation, equivalent to reducing 360,000
kilograms of carbon emissions or planting 9,400 trees. Over 1,100 solar panels will be
installed to cover 4,700 square meters of roof space at the facility, meeting over 90% of its
energy consumption needs.

Ravi Wadhwani, Managing Director of Hira Walraven, said: “Being green is not only reflected in our logo. For us being green also means that we take conscious efforts towards reducing our environmental footprint as well as using resources the most efficient way possible. The solar contract with Yellow Door Energy enables us to significantly reduce our electricity costs and switch to clean energy, which in turn helps us become more cost-competitive and innovative.”

Rory McCarthy, Chief Commercial Officer of Yellow Door Energy, commented: “We are
proud to support Hira Walraven’s sustainability leadership through the development of this
solar plant. We hope businesses in National Industries Park will consider solar as a viable
option to reduce electricity costs and switch to clean energy. Yellow Door Energy is honored
to contribute to DEWA’s Shams Dubai Program and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050.”

As the solar developer, Yellow Door Energy is responsible for investing in, designing,
building, commissioning, operating and maintaining the solar plant for the duration of the
contract. Contracting with solar developers is gaining popularity among industrial building
owners who want to reduce energy costs without any upfront investment or operational risk, while maintaining focus on their core business and enjoying the benefits of clean energy.

Source: Press release

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