Nakheel partners with Averda to bring Green Standard to Discovery Gardens

Published on May 19, 2022

Averda, the leading international waste and recycling company headquartered in Dubai, has been awarded a three-year waste management contract for Discovery Gardens, one of Dubai’s most popular residential communities by world renowned developer, Nakheel.

The new waste management contract will transform the way waste from Discovery Gardens is managed. Averda’s services are designed to increase the amount of material recycled, reducing the proportion of the 60-70 tonnes of waste generated a day at the site sent to landfill, and to improve the overall quality of waste services.

Under the new contract, 50 large recycling cages will be provided, making it significantly easier for residents to recycle. Materials collected for recycling will include paper, card, cans and plastic bottles tubs and trays. The frequency of waste collections will double to six days a week, and bins will be regularly washed, keeping the community clean and pleasant.

In addition to the usual dry mixed recycling detailed above, Averda will also provide three dedicated bins for residents to recycle any old or broken electrical items. These will be sent for specialist recycling at a dedicated facility. Averda will be working closely with Nakheel on an integrated public education campaign to ensure residents are made aware of the new services and understand what items can be recycled, and what to avoid.

Commenting on the new waste management contract, Francis Giani, Chief Community Management Officer, Nakheel Community Management, said: “Discovery Gardens is a holistic residential community inspired by garden living. Sustainable waste management is not only important to ensure quality living experience, but also contributes to Dubai’s environmental efforts. We endeavour to instil a culture of conscious and sustainable living across our assets.”

Mohamed Salah, Averda’s Commercial Director said: “We are very proud to partner with Nakheel to support their sustainability efforts at Discovery Gardens. By providing the adequate infrastructure to enable source segregation in the community paired with community education and awareness drives, our aim is to further augment residents’ recycling practices. This initiative will make Discovery Gardens an even more sustainable community by diverting its waste away from landfills.”


About Averda:

Averda is the leading waste management and recycling company in the emerging world, operating in India and across the Middle East and Africa. The company provides a broad and specialised range of services to over 55,000 clients – large and small – across the private and public sectors. These include the municipal authorities of major cities and household names in a wide range of sectors including oil & gas, automotive, retail and hospitality.

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Dubai, Averda increasingly focuses on providing sustainable solutions which extract value from waste, reducing use of the planet’s limited natural resources and driving the circular economy. The company’s portfolio of services ranges from collecting bins and cleaning city streets to sorting, composting, recycling and disposing of household waste as well as safely managing highly-regulated hazardous waste streams including medical waste and dangerous chemicals. Recent investments have further developed the company’s waste treatment capabilities, with the goal of providing circular recovery options in all markets.

The company currently employs over 15,000 people worldwide, helping to provide secure employment amongst the communities it serves. Protection of environmental and human health is the company’s highest priority, and it operates in full compliance with international standards for quality control wherever it operates, currently: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, South Africa, Congo and India.

Source: Zawya

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