Dubai reports 98% compliance in heavy vehicle emission reduction

Published on January 8, 2024

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has praised commercial transport entities, especially those operating trucks and heavy vehicles, for their adherence to standards to reduce carbon emissions from their exhausts. This commitment has resulted in an impressive compliance rate of around 98 percent.

Recently, the Licensing Activities Monitoring Department field teams, in coordination with the Administration Services Department at the Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, RTA, led inspection and awareness campaigns. These campaigns were carried out in collaboration with the General Department of Traffic at the Dubai Police HQ and Emirates Transport. The main objective of these campaigns was to emphasise the importance of reducing carbon emissions from heavy vehicle exhausts.

Essa Al Amiri, Director of Licensing Activities Monitoring at the Licensing Agency of RTA, praised the compliance of companies that own heavy vehicles, including freight transport trucks, to carbon emission reduction standards.

He stated that the rate of adherence to regulations has reached around 98 percent, which reflects the high level of awareness and commitment of these companies. These results were a part of a week-long inspection campaign which involved various heavy vehicles across various key streets and roads in Dubai. These efforts align with RTA’s second strategic goal (sustainability) and the third strategic goal (health, safety, and security).

Al Amiri stated that RTA conducts various campaigns to promote environmental awareness and enhance road traffic safety. These campaigns include educational and awareness-raising elements aimed at drivers to highlight the importance of adhering to technical specifications and traffic safety standards that govern the safe operation of trucks and heavy vehicles. He emphasised that these efforts align with RTA’s objectives to improve transportation safety and ensure safer roads, in line with its vision of becoming the world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility.

Source: WAM