BEEAH’s innovative online learning programme empowering students to shape a sustainable future

Published on November 16, 2023

BEEAH Education, a subsidiary of the renowned BEEAH Group, a leading sustainability pioneer in the region, is proud to announce the launch of the “Young Pioneers for Sustainability” programme tailored for students from grade 12. With a steadfast dedication to promoting sustainability awareness, BEEAH Education has been making a profound impact on teachers and students across the UAE and the region through interactive workshops, games, and competitions.

Young Pioneers for Sustainability is the latest initiative from BEEAH Education’s innovative learning ecosystem. Delivered online and self-paced, the certification is designed to empower high-school students with the knowledge and skills needed to champion sustainability and create positive change in their communities and beyond. The programme’s mission is to educate the next generation on crucial sustainability concepts, providing them with a strong foundation for sustainable living and a more environmentally conscious future. With the support and expertise of BEEAH Group, a name synonymous with environmental stewardship, the programme aims to engage, educate, and inspire the youth to be ambassadors of sustainability.

“We envision a future where sustainability is not just a concept but a way of life for the next generation,” said Hind Al Huwaidi, Chief Education Officer at BEEAH Group. “At BEEAH Education, our mission is to nurture a generation of sustainability champions who possess the knowledge and passion to create a positive impact on the world. With the ‘Young Pioneers for Sustainability’ programme, we are committed to providing students with an enriching educational experience that empowers them to confidently address sustainability challenges. By equipping young minds with the tools and understanding their needs, we aim to foster a culture of responsible decision-making and transformative action, aligning with the vision of Sharjah and the UAE to build a greener, more sustainable future for all.”

The programme offers four comprehensive courses on the Circular Economy, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), Ecological Footprints and Climate Change, which are critical to realising a sustainable future. The Circular Economy course introduces the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and resource management. The UNSDGs course shares insights on combatting global challenges like poverty, protecting biodiversity, and climate change. Exploring the Ecological Footprint course, participants will learn how human activities impact the environment and discover ways to make responsible choices to minimise their ecological impact. Lastly, in the Climate Change course, students will immerse themselves in the science of climate change, understanding its causes and consequences, while discovering actionable solutions to tackle this urgent global issue.

As part of the programme, students will have access to engaging and informative video lectures presented by inspirational experts. They will study comprehensive course materials and upon completion, demonstrate their knowledge through quizzes. Successful completion of all four courses will lead to the prestigious “Young Pioneers for Sustainability” certificate, symbolising their commitment to sustainability and providing the foundational knowledge to become change-makers in the world.

The classes will be taught by esteemed BEEAH leaders, including a course on ‘Circular Economy’ by Chief Education Officer, Hind Al Huwaidi; ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ by Dr. Dena Assaf, a United Nations resident coordinator for the UAE; ‘Ecological Footprint’ by Rashed Mohamed Alzaabi, a scientist specialised in mammals, terrestrial & marine biodiversity; and ‘Climate Change’ by Nour Mezher, a climate change policy expert.

Launched since 2010, BEEAH Education actively engages individuals, schools, institutions, corporations, and government entities to encourage sustainability from the grassroots level and beyond. BEEAH Education’s Academy of Sustainability and the Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability (IEMS) Academy aim to empower participants of any age, at every level, from grassroots to large organizations, to make a sustainable impact now and in the future. Through its Future Pioneers Award, BEEAH Education is dedicated to awarding individuals and groups from schools and organisations, spotlighting innovations to encourage sustainable action.

The Young Pioneers for Sustainability programme demonstrates BEEAH Education’s commitment to nurturing environmental education and cultivating the future generation of sustainability ambassadors. Schools and educational institutions are encouraged to participate in the “Young Pioneers for Sustainability” programme to equip their students with invaluable knowledge that will shape their thinking and actions for years to come. To learn more about the “Young Pioneers for Sustainability” programme and for students to register, please visit BEEAH Education’s website.

Source: Press release

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