ADIB saves five million sheets of paper in 2022

Published on February 22, 2023

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) announced that it had saved five million sheets of paper in 2022 through its ongoing Al Ghaf paperless programme. This initiative supported the bank in eliminating paper usage significantly at branches through digital banking solutions.

As part of ADIB’s 2025 growth strategy, Al Ghaf Programme underlines the bank’s commitment to pioneer climate action in Islamic banking, optimising banking operations, and enhancing customer experience.

ADIB reached the target without an additional budget by improving the bank’s operations, such as the ADIB’s private banking feature that allows customers to instantly open a personal bank account.

Speaking on the occasion, Samih Awadalla, Acting Global Head of Retail Banking Group at ADIB, said, “This initiative is a significant part of ADIB’s environmental and sustainable business strategy. It reinforces our commitment to reduce carbon footprint, enhance our customer experience, and ensure further security and efficiency in banking operations.”

“With the UAE’s focus on sustainability this year, this result is a timely step forward for ADIB in contributing to the national efforts to achieve net-zero. We are confident that through our strengthened business model, we will continue to build on this positive momentum in the year ahead.”

Al Ghaf initiative is an ongoing process to optimise the bank’s operations and make branches paperless.

Source: Press release

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